Final days on Rafiki

Oh, our lovely boat Rafiki! We have been getting used to doing without possessions, but does Rafiki count as such?  In fact, she is one of the most expensive possessions we’ve owned. But she has also been our home for a year, keeping us not just comfortable, but alive and safe! Like all boats, she has her own special personality: her likes and dislikes and her own special foibles. She doesn’t like to be underpowered, she enjoys being sailed fast. She is quite big, but manoeuvrable and responsive. She’ll power through an ocean, but sit still for us at anchor. We’ll miss her!

Here are pictures of our final days with her, including the scattering of David’s ashes in the Solent.  (Thank you, Grandad, for having introduced your son and grandchildren to sailing.)

Scattering Grandad's ashes in the Solent

Scattering Grandad’s ashes in the Solent with Granny, aunt and cousins

Anne has a go

Granny has a go

Our last night on Rafiki - at anchor in Osborne Bay

Our last night on Rafiki – at anchor in Osborne Bay

Rafiki being lifted out at Swanwick (near Southampton)



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